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Tailored to London's most competitive selective schools. 


Not just practice papers!

Battle Brains mock exams are created by experienced teachers and tutors, highly knowledgeable in the content and style of the admissions tests used by London's most selective schools.

The development and marking of every exam paper is personally overseen by our chief examiner, and our exams are held in a Central London venue with capacity for over 200 students in every sitting.

Our mock exam experiences will bolster your child's comfort and confidence in answering questions in a real examination setting.


In addition, you will also receive a personalised report, featuring invaluable performance-related insights and offering guidance on specific areas to focus on and improve during your child's remaining preparation time.



Have your child learn from the experts!  Our experienced question-setters and examiners have a wealth of tutoring experience and would be delighted to support your child's journey into a leading selective school.

Tailor-made for your child's school choices


We offer different exam papers depending on the school(s) your son or daughter will be testing at, including both multiple-choice and free-response (or 'standard format') exam styles. When booking the exam, you will be able to select papers in the style of GL, or our bespoke BattleBrains format.

The BattleBrains format is unique and challenging, containing both multiple-choice and free-response questions. This paper is ideal for students preparing for CEM exams, or for exam papers set internally by various schools, as the style of questions on these exams can be equally unpredictable.

All of our exams are held on the same day and time, maximising the number of students in each sitting. This helps to recreate the experience of the real admissions exam as closely as possible.



More than just a results document, our reports offer invaluable insights to guide further exam preparation.

Regardless of your child's performance, we believe that the mock exam experience itself is incredibly valuable in building confidence and calming nerves in relation to the real assessment. Equally important, however, is the unique and detailed performance report which you will typically receive within 5 working days of the mock exam being completed.

This report will provide invaluable insights into your child's strengths and areas for improvement. In addition, for each paper, you will know how your child has performed in relation to the other test takers overall, as well as in relation to other test takers applying to the same school(s) as your son or daughter.

The information contained in the report is a great way to prioritise any remaining preparation time your child has available. An optional telephone consultation can also be booked by those who would like to discuss their child's mock exam performance, as well as how to improve it, in more detail.

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Practice makes perfect!

Students who appear for multiple mock examinations will never sit the same exam paper twice. Our examination papers are regularly updated and never repeated, so you can be sure your child will have a fresh experience every time!

Where possible, we recommend booking at least two examination sessions for your child, so that you can measure your child's progress as the actual exam date draws nearer.



Your child should prepare for a mock exam in the same way as for a real exam

For best results, the mock exam should be treated in exactly the same way as a real admissions examination. Candidates should arrive well-prepared and well-rested, 30 minutes before the scheduled starting time of the test. Candidates may wear their current school uniform or other suitably smart attire.

If your child has a formally assessed special educational need or disability which your chosen school(s) will be making allowances for during the actual exam, please feel free to let us know. If requested, we will do our best to take this into account for the mock examination as best as we can, and will consider how best we can mirror the actual experience your son or daughter will have as closely as possible.

“Here at Battle Brains, we are passionate about enabling every child to perform at their best. That's why we take great pride in our personalised reports for every candidate, and also offer significant discounts for children who are eligible for free school meals.”

Karim Ladhu, Chief Examiner


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