for children eligible for free school meals.

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Building better, brighter futures

Here at Battle Brains, we know that students from lower-income families are just as intelligent as their peers and equally capable of achieving greatness. However, research shows that students in receipt of pupil premium tend to perform less well academically and are also significantly less likely to gain admission to a selective secondary school.

For example, in the 2017 Kent test, only 23% of students qualifying for pupil premium were assessed as being suitable for grammar school. That's less than 1 in every 4 students, whereas for students not in receipt of pupil premium, this percentage was more than double, with close to half (49.5%) assessed as being suitable for grammar school.

This gap in attainment continues to exist throughout a child's schooling and in 2016, just 6% of students in receipt of pupil premium achieved top A/A* grades in both GCSE English and Maths, compared to 18% of all other students at state-funded schools.

These statistics highlight just how much work there is to be done so that all students, regardless of their financial circumstances, feel supported and able to work towards achieving their full potential.

What support is available?

Battle Brains scholarships have been created to provide the brightest students from lower-income families with an opportunity to access a world-class education at leading selective schools, whether grammar or independent schools. It is our firm belief that supporting these pupils' to transition into outstanding schools can change the lives of entire families and their future generations.

Battle Brains Scholars will receive a fully-funded support package tailored to the individual scholar, which may include a combination of one-to-one tutoring, additional online and classroom-based teaching, personalised schools advice, mock examinations, payment of extra-curricular activities, and payment of school admissions exam fees, as appropriate. 

Battle Brains Scholars will also participate in a broader educational and self-development programme. This programme has been designed to increase their appreciation of self and others, enhancing their personal and interpersonal skills and leaving them feeling confident, inspired and empowered to strive for success in every aspect of their lives.

How are Battle Brains Scholars selected?

Once you have registered your child as a scholarship candidate, you will be sent a test for your child to complete at home (the 'Home Test'). The Home Test is included in the initial registration fee of £30. For your child's performance in the Home Test to be meaningful, the test should be taken under examination conditions.

Based on your child's performance in the Home Test, you will be able to decide whether or not to enter your child for supervised assessment. The cost of supervised assessment is £60. Payment plans are available to help to spread the cost over an affordable period, if needed.

The top 20% of all students who attend a supervised assessment will be shortlisted and invited back for a second assessment, to be followed by interviews with the student and at least one parent / guardian. Personalised test reports will be provided for all students, regardless of performance in the supervised tests.

Test reports will provide useful feedback on your child's performance in each of the assessed areas, which together with the experience your child will have had, makes applying for a scholarship extremely worthwhile -- even for children who are not eventually selected. 

We intend to offer scholarships to 1 in every 6 - 8 students invited for a second assessment. Scholars will be selected on the basis of the academic potential they have demonstrated, as well as a variety of 'soft' factors. These include the maturity of the student, as well as the motivation, commitment and availability of both the student and parent during the rest of the school year, as well as the summer holiday period.

In addition to the above, 1 out of every 25 students invited for a second assessment will be randomly selected to receive a 'Golden Ticket' scholarship. Golden Tickets will be awarded after the selection process for regular scholarships has been completed, and all scholarship offers will be communicated together.

Is a 'Golden Ticket' scholarship different to a regular scholarship?

The only difference is that Golden Ticket scholarships are awarded at random to candidates who would otherwise not have been selected. The actual support provided to scholars does not depend on whether the scholarship awarded is a Golden Ticket scholarship or not.  We do not disclose to scholars whether they received a Golden Ticket or regular scholarship, so that all scholars engage with each other as equals.

What is the eligibility criteria for registration?

Students who are in receipt of income-assessed free school meals (or pupil premium) will be able to register to be assessed for a Battle Brains Scholarship. Your child should be in Year 4 or Year 5 at the time of registration. Registrations must be received by 28th February 2018