In addition to the services we provide directly, we also have a list of recommended, independent tutors who may be able to assist you if you are looking for longer-term tutoring. Please note that tutors often operate a waiting list, so early contact is recommended.

Please contact us a for a free telephone consultation, and to find out more about our services.


Not just practice papers!

Battle Brains mock exams are created by experienced teachers and tutors, highly knowledgeable in the content and style of the admissions tests used by London's most selective schools.

The development and marking of every exam paper is personally overseen by our chief examiner, and our exams are held in a Central London venue with capacity for over 200 students in every sitting.

Our mock exam experiences will bolster your child's comfort and confidence in answering questions in a real examination setting.


In addition, you will also receive a personalised report, featuring invaluable performance-related insights and offering guidance on specific areas to focus on and improve during your child's remaining preparation time.